A Note From the Utility Superintendent

A Note From the Utility Superintendent

Friday, May 16, 2014
Hose Bib Meter:  You may purchase a hose bib meter for $112.68 through our utility department.  This will allow you to meter your outside water that does not go down the sanitary sewer.  In doing this you will recieve a once a year adjustment on your water bill in the form of a credit for the sewer that was not used. 


Radio Read Meters: The town has finished the process of changing all water meters to radio read meters.  This will allow the town to have a more accurate read of water used, it will allow the town to audit your account in the event of a leak and it will eliminate estimation of water bills.

See how much water you use with regular usage or leaks!

Activity that uses water

  • Toilet                           5 gallons/flush
  • Shower                       4 gallons/minute
  • Tub Bath                    30 gallons
  • dishwasher                 14 gallons/load
  • Clothes Washer          50 gallons/load
  • Lavatory/sink              2 gallons/fill                                    

Conserving Water:

  • To help conserve water you can turn off water during teeth brushing, shampooing, showering, and dish washing
  • Make sure your outside hydrant is shut off when not in use.


  • 1 drop/second             7 gallons/day
  • a steady drip              20 gallons/day
  • 1/32: trickle            200 gallons/day

Grease Trap:

Please do not dump any grease or oils down your drains. We are having a problem with grease buildup in the lift station that is causing it to malfunction. We have had to start treating for the grease build up in hopes to prevent costly repairs. Sewer rates are directly affected by operational costs. For you convenience there is a grease trap located behind the Town Hall, in the N.W. corner of the parking lot. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.