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It is with great sadness that we report Atlanta Town Council President Abe Evans has resigned from his position with the town.  Abe has been battling stage IV colon cancer since the first of the year.  All medical options have been exhausted and he is now under the care of hospice.  Abe has served our community since moving to Atlanta over 20 years ago.  His devotion to our community has never waivered regardless of the circumstances.  Abe's positive attitude and sense of humor has not left him during these heartbreaking and painful days and in true Abe fashion his concern for others triumphs.  IF YOU ARE OVER 50 GET A COLONOSCOPY is his mantra.  Let's put  all political views and opinions aside and come together as friends and neighbors in support of one of our own.  Prayers, well wishes and any other messages may be sent to:  The Town of Atlanta, P.O. Box 133 Atlanta, IN.  46031 or put in the utility bill drop box.  You may also email them to:  We will be sure to forward them to Abe.



You may or may not know that the town is in the process of applying for a waste water grant in order to make improvements required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.  These improvements are extremely costly, however, not nearly as costly as state fines should the town choose to 'ignore' IDEM.  In order to increase our chances of receiving the grant we need LETTERS OF SUPPORT from members of the community.  These letters do not need to be typed, long, or well spoken; just sincere, heartfelt letters which describe any issues you may have.  Describe how sewer rates and rate increases impact you, in addition to any sewer back ups, standing water or flooding basements and crawlspaces you may have experienced.  If you have pictures we would be glad to scan them and add them to your letter.  We have some sample letters in the town hall if you are experiencing writer's block. The deadline is May 9th and letters may be truned into the town hall.  THANK YOU!

The Easter Egg Hunt which was held in Dolle's Park on the 12th of April was a big success!  The weather was beautiful and there were around 50 children who participated.  We would like to thank everyone who helped to make it a succes!  A special Thank you to Shannon Emmert who coordinated the event.

Heavy Trash Pick-up Dates:

June 20, 2014 - September 19, 2014

Residents are encouraged to use these dates to place one heavy item out for trash pickup.  Items may consist of anything that would not contain freon or that would in any way harm the environment.  

If you have more than one item, maybe your neighbor is not going to put anything out?? 


A note from our Utility Superintendent:

The town is in the process of changing all water meters to radio read meters.  In doing this it will allow the town to have a more accurate read of water used and it will allow the town to audit your account in the event of a leak. It will also eliminate estimation of water bills.


See how much water you use with regular usage or leaks!

Activity that uses water

  • Toilet                           5 gallons/flush
  • Shower                       4 gallons/minute
  • Tub Bath                    30 gallons
  • dishwasher                 14 gallons/load
  • Clothes Washer          50 gallons/load
  • Lavatory/sink              2 gallons/fill                                    

Conserving Water:

  • To help conserve water you can turn off water during teeth brushing, shampooing, showering, and dish washing
  • Make sure your outside hydrant is shut off when not in use.


  • 1 drop/second             7 gallons/day
  • a steady drip              20 gallons/day
  • 1/32: trickle            200 gallons/day


Grease Trap:

Please do not dump any grease or oils down your drains.  We are having a problem with grease buildup in the lift station that is causing it to malfunction. We have had to start treating for the grease build up in hopes to prevent costly repairs.  Sewer rates are directly affected by operational costs.  For you convenience there is a grease trap located behind the Town Hall, in the N.W. corner of the parking lot.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter. 


Community Bench Project:

By collecting CAPS from household containers, benches can be made from something that would ordinarily be thrown away.

400lbs. + $200 = a bench

This program is offered from Greentree Plastics in Evansville, Indiana to involve young people in recycling and community service.  Any plastic cap that is clean and free of metal may be donated.

Some examples include:

  1. Snap on-cottage cheese, coffee can, and yogurt lids.
  2. Twist on-medicine, drink bottles and milk (including the ring).
  3. Flip top-ketchup and condiment bottles.
  4. Large twist-detergent.
  5. Spout-such as squirt mustard.

Drop off locations are: Atlanta Town Hall, Atlanta Music Hall and the Atlanta Library


A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been collecting plastic lids!  We are close to getting our first bench!


The council recently passed an ordinance which requires trash carts to be placed at the curb no earlier than 12:00 noon on the day preceding the designated collection day and for prompt retrieval of the trash carts no later than 12:00 noon the following day.

The intent of this ordinance is to prevent carts from sitting on or near the streets indefinitely.


PayGov is now set up.

There are 3 options: Pay in the Town Hall, Call after hours #, or go online.


PLEASE Read: We have plenty of food available at our food pantry at Aroma United Methodist Church, 16301 E. 281st St., Atlanta, IN.  We are open every Monday from Noon til 2 PM.  Clients are welcome from either Jackson of White River Township. Anyone who is in the Hamilton Heights School District can visit the pantry one time a month. We require only a valid ID with address. Please call me or email me with any questions at 765-557-0418 or Thank you, Cathy Stowe, Coordinator Open Arms Food Pantry.


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